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Welcome Teachers,


I need your help.  In 2007 I created a tool for students and teachers to use called the "Digital Backpack."  This was meant to serve three primary purposes: 


  1. Educate students about how different search engines work; 
  2. bring all of the different web apps and web 2.0 resources into one place;
  3. serve as a bridge for students and teachers from proprietary software to free and open source cloud computing. 


Later the next fall I created a similar tool that is more teacher oriented called the "Digital Briefcase. "  I consider this project to be in beta since I am sure there are a ton of resources I have overlooked.  Please send any suggestions or comments to: anderscj@yahoo.com


UPDATE:  Following the loss of YourDraft.com (the site I used to manage individual pages in the Digital Backpack), the Digital Backpack has been moved to Google Sites.  In this move I have merged the Digital Backpack and Digital Briefcase into one resource. 





Carl Anderson



Free Online Teacher Technology Training








Do you know of a good tool, resource, or website that should go into the Digital Bacpack, Digital Briefcase, or Free Downloads?  Send me your suggestions and any questions you have about these resources.











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